Obtaining Road Permit, Escort and Survey Services ;

Carriers must apply for permits to operate or transport oversized or overweight vehicles and loads. Carriers are responsible for following all permit conditions to ensure their vehicles operate safely on the road. You will need an oversize/overweight permit if the dimensions or weight of your vehicle and/or load exceed the limits set out in the Highway Traffic Act. Besides, you will need also Civil Escort or Police Escort for safetly driving to warn the other drivers while driving. Ceylog Lojistik supplies for road permit&escort service for all countries with its widespread agencies and make Survey.

Clearence Service ;

Ceylog Lojistik also offers customs operations services of the transported loads besides warehouse and distribution services. Under management and supervision of expert personnel with knowledge of customs legislation; it works with professional customs brokerage companies to manage import, export, and transit operations in all customs points in Turkey.
Regarding import and export operations, it also provides wide scope customs services and consultancy services. Customs legislation and changes are constantly monitored and customers are informed in real time about their subject.
In a business environment where customer satisfaction depends on fast delivery, Ceylog Lojistik ensures the supply chain is completed without delays by conducting customs clearance services uninterrupted and on time.
It adopts each customer's synchronized business style like a customs clearance department of their customer by creating specialized, boutique solutions towards the customer's industry, legislation, and most importantly operational demands and needs.

Storage Service ;

We are at your disposal with our contractual bound and unbounded warehouses at Turkey and Europe. The clients can use the warehouses as storage - transshipment center or full stop.

Handling ;

Handling involves loading and unloading at a warehouse or logistics center, transportation, warehousing management, sorting, and assortment. Cargo handling refers to the overall activities in warehouses and logistics centers, such as loading and unloading cargo, transporting cargo, warehousing, picking, and sorting. Cargo handling is a very important part of logistics, and losses in cargo handling directly increase logistics costs. 

Palletization ;

The palletization of products means arranging goods on pallets to improve and also facilitate later shipment. Laying goods on a pallet usually takes place in a specific order. The palletization of goods is a process that complements the logistics of products and their complete preparation for storage and further distribution.

Inspection Service ;

Our transportation services encompass marine services such as cargo and vessel services, plant and terminal operations (PTO), import control services and international customs data exchange. If you are moving freight by rail or road, we also offer essential services such as terminal manning and weighbridge management services.

Container shipping presents its own specific challenges – which is why we have developed services that are dedicated to that particular arena of transportation. We can offer ISO tank inspections, drum and cleanliness inspections, advance cargo information services and import control services, for example.

We can also offer risk management services, emergency response and incident management services, packaging and handling testing, and quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) services.

Ceylog is the world’s leading testing, inspection, certification and verification company, with experience, expertise and a global reach. Whether you are a transportation or shipping company, or you regularly use logistics services, contact us today to find out how our massive range of services dedicated to logistics could be helping your organization.