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Ceylog Logistics is at all times ready to be

your solution partner in line with

all demands and requirements of yours


Your freight is now

in good hands


Ceylog Logistics

transports your freight in the

safest fashion possible.





Ceylog Logistics is always

at your service along with

its marine transport services and

an extensive network of agents.



Enjoy our project-based

solutions to be customized

and offered to you

in heavy freight transport



Feel the freedom of unconditionally relying on us, and forget about an alternative plan.


Taking confident steps towards being a global brand in the logistics of heavy and special transport services, Ceylog is steered by a professional team. Specialized in each segment of the logistics chain, the company offers the most favourable service that has adopted the integrated service approach.

Capable of offering in every corner of the globe,
Ceylog can provide the best and most accurate service thanks to its in-depth capability of tracking and controlling the cargo from the loading site until the point of delivery.

Vision ans Mission:
Our vision is to be the pioneer international transport company of the future along the approach "a satisfactory customer today is the guarantee of our future". And our mission is to provide fast, reliable and punctual delivery service for our customers, and hence to build up permanent customer satisfaction and offer services along a corporate policy respecting environment.


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