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Road Transport :    
Ceylog provides professional and seamless services to its customers in the field of compete and partial import and export transport to all European countries, Turkic Republics and Middle Eastern countries through a strong agency network. Thanks to the ADR equipment suitable for the transport of hazardous substances in vehicles, the company can also offer safe transport of hazardous substances that many of the logistics companies stand aloof from. The company is also capable of perfectly handling domestic, international, warehousing and customs clearance processes of customers.


Railway Transport :  

We transport machines and supplies of every size to CIS countries and Turkic republics through our contracted international railway agents at lower prices in a fast and reliable service.


Advantages of railway transport;
Competitive Price Advantage
Annual Fixed Price Guarantee
Project Transport
Door-to-Door Delivery
Advantage of Exemption from Statutory Permit for Transit Transport
Heavylift and Out-of-Gauge Transport
Advantage of Isolation from Road and Weather Conditions


Airway Transport :  
Ceylog has turned out to be pioneer in airway transport industry through its experience and operating approach. Completing its investments that would satisfy the demand to high-quality service and cost-effective solutions triggered by growing international competition in export and international buyers' expectations for sooner deadlines, Ceylog is capable of satisfying any and all demands of customers.


Seaway Transport :  
Offering port and door-to-door delivery, FIC and LCI transport as well as combined truck & ship, aircraft & ship, or train & ship transports, Ceylog boasts an infrastructure that would offer more than one option to customers for any transport service.

Outdoor loading ;
• Loading and unloading services designed for super cargo
• L/S/D
• Warehousing in corporate port sites
• In-port handling
• Supply of essential cranes and forklift equipment
• All port organizations


Expo Transport :  
Ceylog is capable of fulfilling dynamically, seamlessly, rapidly and reliably the services of handling, transport to and accepting from customs and stands of all cargo sent abroad or imported to the country for the purpose of exhibition in expos.


Stage Transport :  
Ceylog has been ranked at a pioneer standing in its sector for a long time, and serving its customers along with an in-depth experience and self-devotion to its business in International Road Transport.


Transit Transport :  
Ceylog andles the transport of commercial items exported by European countries to final destinations particularly in Caucasian and Central Asian countries via a route involving or not involving Turkey.

The company further offers, across an in-depth experience, seamless arrangement and delivery of commercial documents that require great care in such shipments.


Multimodal Transport :  
When you need a transport service that is faster than seaway transport but more cost-effective than airway transport, you can avail of versatile solutions offered by Ceylog


Warehousing and Distribution Services:  
Ceylog is capable of warehousing customer machines and supplies of every size in its indoor and outdoor areas. In addition, the company provides PDI services in warehousing engineering vehicles to offer an optimum time gain.


Customs Clearance Service :  
We are fulfilling customs clearance services at every port of Turkey through our contracted customs agents, and providing customs consultancy services in this respect.

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