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Ceylog Logistics International Transport Company has provided international transport services to myriad of domestic and foreign importers and exporters in the fields of highway, seaway, airway and railway transport to date, and is carrying on its services in a phenomenal success.

Along with its highly-experienced staff adopting the principles of consistently being more knowledgeable, faster, more reliable and more ethical in the field of international transport as its key principles, the company has progressively expanded its service network across a growing business partner domain. Thanks to these assets, plenty of domestic and international companies have preferred us in the fields of international and domestic transport. This has classified us as a reliable role-model business partner in the international transport industry, and we perceive consistent maintenance of this asset as our supreme mission.
The key factor in international transport is experience. If you are unable to resolve the issues experienced, if you are unaware of amended regulations, and if you are not familiar with the changing environmental conditions, you will most likely have great difficulty in international transport. We, as Ceylog Logistics Company, consistently keep up with the whole trend in Turkey and around the globe, foresee potential issues that may come up in the future, and set our actions accordingly.

And you may rely upon us for any delivery to any country of the world with no worry.




Our Corporate Advantages;     News:     
• Our self-owned and annually contracted vehicles,
• Satellite tracking,
• Trained drivers and well-cared vehicles,
• Influential, companionable and highly-experienced employees,
• Prompt reply to your orders and price inquiries,
• High operational speed and experience,
• Versatile logistics service,
• Competition based pricing,
• Fast and highly-effective door-to-door delivery service,
• Uninterrupted information and reporting system,
• Service customization in line with customer demands,
• Vast agency and partner network in whole Europe, Balkans and Russia,
 Ceylog was put into your service in its new design. In this section, you can follow latest news about our home page and projects.


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